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Web & Mobile Development

NET3SIXTY provides Web, Mobile and Application Development using ODOO framework as its base to deliver reliable solutions to its Clients.

ODOO is an Open ERP framework written in PYTHON, with its own Object Relation Mapping (ORM) API, linking to POSTGRES as its database management system.

Most of our solutions derives from customizing  ODOO to your needs.

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On top of providing our CORE Product & Services : 
Web and Mobile Application Development.

NET3SIXTY Consulting Services delivers a total solution to our client.

We will guide your company , starting at the beginning, identifying pain point and providing solutions.  Continuing to Development, Deployment and Maintenance.

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Education (Coming Soon)

With years of knowledge and experiences in the ICT Industry. NET3SIXTY is now embarking on giving back what it learns to the community.

Our education arms is geared for the young and old who would like to learn from the Master. Using a rapid programming methodologies to deliver a comprehensive learning system to its Padawans.

Coming Soon

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

NET3SIXTY is the Catalyst provide you with the means to make it happens.

Contact us for a free consultation and let see how we can make your company soar higher.

Sell Online. Easily.

ECM3SIX0 provides you the capabilities to deploy an online shop within hours.


Our eCommerce solution is very easy to use. But do not misjudge it. Underneath, lies an engine that is robust and powerful. It is modular akin to a plug-and-play system. Adding only what you require as and when you need it.

Inline Editing

To make changes, all you need to do is just drag and drop the desired snippets into place.

Battery Included

Meaning, our solution includes hosting with AWS or Alibaba Cloud Services.

Our starter package begins at USD25 per-month.

Start small so that you can manage you expenses as the company grows.